Sunday, February 27, 2011

Super long runs are almost done!

Yesterday I completed 11 miles. It was the first time I actually didn't want to run. I really wanted to just sleep in and enjoy my warm, comfy bed. I'm beginning to see that the taper at the end of training is not only for physical reasons but for mental reasons too. At this point in my training I'm just tired in every sense of the word. I mean, the training helps me lose weight, get in shape, give me confidence, improve my health, yada yada, but it's hard after nearly three months. That's a long time! It'll be worth it in a couple weeks when I finish the race; it's just a little tough to remember sometimes.

On a good note, half way into my run I got my second wind and finished strong. That was good because the first half I was just going through the motions. That shows me that even if I get a rough start at the race I can still have room to recover. My fueling during the run is set (one pack of Honey Stingers per hour), and the hydration is covered (Accelerade fruit punch flavor is yummy!). All I have to do is finish my training and then finish the race :)

On a funny note, Rex wants me to say that on Saturdays I waddle like a duck because my legs are so tired and calves are tight. He finds it extremely hilarious. My parents also found it to be funny yesterday and noted that when I was younger I couldn't be bothered with anything that smacked of exercise except riding bikes and here I am running 11 miles on my own. I think they are wondering what happened to the daughter they raised and the one who came to visit them yesterday.

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