Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's getting hot!

So I headed to the Greenway by my house, which was a good idea. I am finding that if I can run before getting home I am more likely to actually run. Once I'm home I find all kinds of excuses not to run, like cleaning, school work, reading, tv, movies, whatever. I decided to try for 2 miles, but while I was out I was feeling pretty good so I ended up running 3. My time was 38 minutes, which I think was pretty good! Not every run is meant to be fast, but I feel like being on the Greenway means I need to try for speed. It's so flat!

Anyhoo, it's beginning to get pretty warm and humid now. It's just a reminder to stay hydrated, wear technical clothing, and understand that the warmer it gets the harder it is to run.

To recap my run from Saturday, I saw a fox! And a million squirrels who are too used to humans and dogs, and a huge bunny! I guess that was my reward for being at Wills Park at 7:30 am. Plus I went to the farmer's market and managed to get one of the first cups of coffee and a ham and cheese croissant. I had a blast =)

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