Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Everything Running Book, 2nd Edition

This was the first book I had ever bought and read that dealt solely with running. I bought it because I was particularly new to running and felt a little lost. I mean, running seems to be intuitive but I felt like I really could educate myself better on the finer points. This book claims to be able to help you at any running stage - "From circling the block to completing a marathon, training and techniques to make you a better runner". At the time I was barely past the "circling the block" phase.

What's good:

This book does a great job of breaking things down. Being a part of the "Everything" series, it can be extremely simple in its explanations. It runs the gamut from what kind of shoes you should buy to the clothing you should wear to how to prepare for races of all types (5ks to marathons and beyond). My favorite part of the book is the beginner's mileage build up chart. It starts with 6 weeks of walking for various amounts of time, then slowly begins incorporating some running. This is how I first started building my endurance to be able to run 3 miles straight.

What's bad:

I think that if you already know something about running that this book is too elementary. I also feel that it doesn't cover as many areas of running as it could, however the audience they're trying to reach is not one I am a part of anymore.

I definitely recommend this book if you're new to running and want to know how to get started. It was a great investment and really helped me start off on the right foot.

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