Sunday, May 3, 2009

When it rains...

It apparently pours here! This has been a very wet spring this year. I got ready to go to the apartment gym even though I didn't feel like running since the weather looked like it was about to dump buckets of rain, and when I get there the access had been changed from punching a code to using a card that I am in possession of. So I come back home, decide to google my name (about half of the 6 hits were from race results LOL, the rest were from facebook or high school reunion stuff), and I hear this roar behind me. I look out the window and it's like a tropical storm has parked itself over my apartment. *blink* Well, I guess we're all allowed a day of extra rest LOL!!

In case any of you wonder what you should do about running in the rain, here are a couple pointers I learned along the way:

1. Cotton is rotton! This applies to any facet of running, but you wouldn't believe how much dry-wick material makes a difference until you're in the elements. This goes for your socks too. I finally decided after running the 5k in March (in steady and cold rain) that cotton socks stink because my feet just never got dry. Wet feet also cause blisters. I avoided blisters, but I was lucky.

2. Watch out for debris. With winds going, you may find yourself stepping over more branches. Puddles also hide holes, and the last thing you want to do is twist your ankle because you accidentally stepped in a hole.

3. If there is a severe weather alert out like we have in the Atlanta area right now, don't go out. Your safety is priority number one.

4. If you do go out, try to wear reflective clothing and tell someone what route you're taking and when you should be back.

I avoided the park because I usually carry at least one electronic device with me (my phone). I keep having this image of being electrocuted because of my desire to stay in touch with emergency personnel when I'm on my own.


Erica said...

Thanks for the tips, I have a sock question what type of socks do you prefer to run in. It doesnt rain alot out here but it sure does get hot and dry comfy feet are always a plus in my book. :)

Diane said...

Thanks for the question!

I use New Balance socks mainly because they were a great deal on Amazon (3 pairs for $12). I'm a bit of a cheapskate, and that really is a good deal on technical socks. I've paid about $18 a pair for some of my husband's socks. Mine are really thick socks so I lucked out - my shoes have room for them because I like lots of cushion.

A couple things to remember about socks in general:

What kind of shoes are you running/walking in? You may have a shoe that doesn't allow for a cushy sock like the New Balance socks. If you've made the visit to a specialty running store, then make your socks work around the shoe, not the other way around. Thick socks can increase the need for a bigger shoe quickly.

Do you like extra cushion? Do you like really thin socks? Some socks even have individual toe thingies. Crew style socks aren't needed in running, so I advise getting the no show socks. Plus as a woman I like that making your legs look longer makes them look thinner too LOL!

Even if it's not raining, you still want dry feet. Moisture contributes to blisters and foot odor. Remember to treat your socks the same way you treat your technical clothing. Wash in cold water, skip the fabric softener, and line dry. I hope that helps!