Sunday, February 10, 2013

And the Verdict is....


So I bought the knee strap and tried it that day with an easy two mile run. The run went really well, and my confidence was up. I tried six miles again last weekend, and while it was a very slow six miles I did run the whole thing with no issues. Afterwards I stretched, used the foam roller, and then iced my knee. So far so good!

This week due to the weather and work schedule conflicts I only ran Wednesday evening, but it was a good three miles. The sun is beginning to stay up a little later, so it's becoming easier to run after work. Since I didn't have a chance to run seven last week I opted to stick with my training schedule and run eight today. The first seven miles were fantastic, albeit a little slow, but the final mile was brutal. The final half mile was especially hard! After the run I waited a long time before using the foam roller and icing, which probably contributed quite a bit to my knee bothering me. I did stretch, and my muscles were super tight. Maybe I should take up yoga at some point. I'll need something to force myself to stretch more. 

So that's it so far! In just a few short weeks the Publix half marathon will be upon us, and I am super excited.  It's a well organized race and the expo is super awesome. It'll be a great way to start the spring and summer seasons!

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