Saturday, May 14, 2011

Warrior Dash May 2011

I'm finding I have a pretty predictable cycle. Around April and May I goof off and the Warrior Dash comes along and then I half-assedly complete it.

Today was the SE Warrior Dash, and it was very fun! There were some differences from last year's race. First, slightly different obstacles and trail. I skipped one that involved climbing a wall with a rope. I just don't have the upper body strength for it. The lake was significantly higher this year due to recent rains, so I ended up doggie paddling a lot of it because I couldn't walk it. Second, two t-shirts! Muwahahaha!

What made the experience better was planning for the race in advance better than last year. We made the trek up to Mountain City Georgia the night before and stayed in a nearby hotel (The Dillard House). This allowed us to avoid the two hour drive just before the race and to get to the racing area early. We ran in an earlier heat, parked much closer, and when we were finished we had a real shower to clean up in. The only downside? The hot water at the hotel room wasn't working, but the manager helped us out with compensation. Lunch at the same hotel was amazing, as always.

Overall I think getting the hotel room makes a major difference. Next time I think we'll get a room for both Friday and Saturday nights. That way there's no rush to check out on time.

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