Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm back!

I started a new job this week, so I've been trying to deal with a significantly longer commute than I'm used to while also easing back into running. While the sun is out longer in the summer, this won't matter much (except for all the gnats and mosquitos!). Once the daylight fades it'll be a different story. Potential strategies include finding a park near my new job, getting a gym membership, or switching exercises this winter. The latter is the least acceptable as I plan on running the half marathon again next March. I may have to suck it up and buy a gym membership =/

My new goal is to try and run more and walk less. How much? I dunno. But I'd like to see if I can run a few miles before taking a walk break, and that means more training. I hope to run a half marathon this October, and that means I have a couple months to train outside of the training specific to the October race. Rex is working on training too, only on a smaller scale. Once he gets some decent mileage under his belt we can start working on speed work like he wants.

What else is in store for me? I want to use the boxing equipment more. My arms are due for a workout!

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