Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Probably the worst start to training ever

So I am a month into the latest training plan for the half marathon I'm running in October. What progress have I made? Almost none. Sporadic rain causing migraines combined with crazy scheduling issues means I can't seem to run consistently. I ran 5 miles last Sunday and thought I was going to die. It's also been insanely hot and humid, making it hard to even get the bare minimum motivation to just think about running.

The plan this time was to train hardcore and focus on speed work. So far I haven't even had a single speed training session. I have incorporated more cross training, which has been good. That's always been an area I was lacking in before.

Long story short - this is the reason for a lack of updates. I haven't had much to update anyone on. I've got two things to focus on the next two months: get a consistent schedule for training and try to just enjoy running. The migraine issue probably won't resolve itself since so much of it is from stress (new job that I love but it's a lot of work) and rain. October ought to be interesting.

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