Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gu Reviewed

So I had a fantastic run yesterday. 8 miles, 1hr 37 min. That's slow for a lot of people, but that's pretty darned good for me so I'm taking it. It was a little cool when I started out, which helps a lot since I quickly become a furnace when I'm running. Midway through I tried a pack of Gu since it was about time to fuel up (I had a banana before the run and drank water throughout). What did I think?

First of all, I'm not used to eating gels so it took a second to get over the texture. It's not bad, but again - if you're not eating gels all the time your natural instinct is to chew it. I had to chase it with water because my mouth was dry. The flavor I had contained some caffeine. I thought that since I drink coffee almost every day and also have the occasional soda I wouldn't feel the effect of the caffeine so much. I was wrong! Right after finishing up the gel my teeth started chattering. It was the caffeine! I got a little lightheaded too, but I think that was the sudden spike of sugar. Those two feelings died off very quickly, and I felt like my energy stores were totally restored so I'd say the product works!

A couple things to remember:
- If you are sensitive to caffeine, get the flavors that don't contain caffeine.
- Try to swallow the gel without chewing and chase it down with some water.
- Be respectful of your surroundings and either toss the empty wrapper in a garbage can if possible or hold onto it to dispose of properly later.

I'll continue using the product through the rest of my long runs. Very cool stuff!

Full disclosure: I have not been paid or approached by anyone to write this review. There are many fuels available to runners that are excellent. Try them all and see what works best for you.

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