Monday, April 25, 2011

Post-race blues?

I'm feeling pretty good, although I'm worrying the lack of exercise on the waistline. The problem here is that I haven't had any real motivation to run. I mean, it's fun while I'm running but good luck getting me out there. I've read that this is a common phenomenon. After achieving a major goal like completing a half marathon, many people get post-race blues and don't have much motivation to run. Why is that? I think it's because we've worked sooooo hard for so long that the break is extremely welcome. I believe it's 85% mental, 15% physical. Why this ratio? It sounded good. Yeah. I just made stuff up.

So I'm looking for other stuff to do besides just running. I tried a new workout today, and it was pretty cool. I got it from Men's Health, but I stole it for myself. Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I can't do this workout too. This is called "Fire Up Your Fat Burners". While you're supposed to complete 15 sets in a count down sequence, Workout A was really hard! Rex and I only finished 3, and I also need to use a weight heavier than 5 lbs if I'm only doing a few sets. As I build up more endurance it'll be awesome. I think incorporating this workout into my running will make some great improvements.

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